Dental implants are a great solution for replacing your missing teeth and University Dental Group in Orlando is happy to help you with your tooth replacement needs. Patients seeking dental implants usually have one or more missing teeth and are looking for a permanent solution that will last a lifetime. Luckily, dental implants are the perfect solution and are very similar to your natural tooth. What are dental implants? They are titanium posts, or screws, that are surgically inserted into your jaw bone to provide a tooth root for a restoration like a dental crown, bridge or even dentures. Patients who have sufficient bone mass in their jaw, as well as healthy gums and surrounding teeth, are usually good candidates for the procedure. Of course, Dr. Rosello will need to evaluate your smile to determine if dental implants in Orlando are the right treatment for you. Keep reading to find out the many benefits of dental implants.

Dental Implants Can Improve Your Appearance

One of the top benefits of dental implants is that they will improve your smile and overall appearance. When you lose a tooth, this leaves a gap in your smile and makes it difficult to chew or speak correctly. Many patients feel self-conscious about this missing tooth. Once it is replaced with a dental implant, patients are happy to smile again and proud to show off their new restoration.

In addition, when you replace your missing tooth with a dental implant, it helps your jaw maintain the bone mass inside. This prevents your face from showing early signs of aging and maintains your facial structure. Without dental implants, your face may begin to droop in an area and show more wrinkles. Lips can also fold in as well as other deterioration of your facial structure. This can cause you to look older than you are. With dental implants, you can restore your smile and maintain your youthful appearance. What a great benefit of dental implants.

Dental Implants Provide Immediate Results

At University Dental Group, we can help patients restore their smile in as little as one visit! Your procedure will consist of surgically placing your dental implant, and then placing a restoration over the implant like a temporary dental crown, bridge or dentures. Once your implant surgical site is healed in the next couple of months, your dentist will then place your permanent restoration. Although your entire procedure will require two visits, you will have immediate results following the procedure! This means you will be able to smile once again without feeling self-conscious. You will also be able to chew normally and even solve any speech issues you developed from your missing tooth.

Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence

Once you are able to chew normally and smile without hiding your teeth, your confidence will completely be restored with dental implants. This is one of the top benefits of dental implants that are sought out by our Orlando patients. In addition, you will feel comfortable in everyday situations. Before, you may have felt uncomfortable in work meetings, or even eating in front of people because of your missing teeth. Once your missing teeth are replaced, you will find that all of your confidence will come back and your missing teeth are no longer a daily worry.

Dental Implants are the Closest Restoration to Natural Teeth

With so many restoration options available, only dental implants are the restoration that can provide patients with the closest solution to natural teeth. This is because, with other restorations, the tooth root is not replaced. The tooth root is the main aspect that makes dental implants such a unique and innovation dental treatment. Opting for this treatment will give you not only a long-lasting solution but the healthiest solution for your dental health.

Keep a Healthy Mouth

Without a restoration, missing teeth can cause a lot of problems. Amongst these include adjacent teeth shifting into the empty spaces. This can cause teeth to become crooked and crowded and even ruin your bite. As a result, your teeth will become damaged and require more restorative treatment. In order to avoid further damage from occurring, it’s important to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are the smartest choice for this decision as they maintain your bone mass in your jaw. They also prevent your other teeth from shifting over into the empty spots. Maintaining a healthy mouth is one of the most important benefits of dental implants.

Enhance Your Life

Patients who have been living with missing teeth for an extended period or more than likely not living their best life, which can be problematic. They are most likely struggling with chewing, drinking, speaking and even smiling. Patients with missing teeth commonly have to restrict certain foods from their diet because they cannot chew, forcing them to stick with soft foods. This can take a toll on your health if you aren’t eating the right types of food. Restoring your smile with dental implants will give you your life back. You will be able to enjoy all types of food and talk and smile without thinking about it. Your life will be completely enhanced for the better. In addition, if you have been using dentures or partial dentures, the dental implants will take away the pain of removing your false teeth for cleaning or the worry that they may fall out.

Schedule an Appointment with our Orlando Dentist

If you are interested in enhancing the quality of your life with a dental restoration like dental implants, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment at University Dental Group Orlando today. Dr. Rosello will evaluate your smile to find out if you are the right candidate for dental implants. From there, she will schedule your surgery and set you up with a permanent restoration for your missing teeth. Experience the many benefits of dental implants for yourself!