dentureHere at University Dental Group, we can help people get teeth in a day using dental implants.

You may be thinking that there is no way you can get a beautiful smile in just one day. However, it is possible through us. If you have lost multiple teeth, or even just a single tooth, we have many different options to replace them. We can now permanently attach a lifelike prosthetic tooth to dental implants that are actually anchored to the jawbone.

These implants will restore the support of the facial structure, creating a more youthful appearance. They will also help with daily functions such as chewing tough food, laughing, kissing, speaking clearly, and smiling.

This new procedure is a great way to permanently improve the areas in your mouth that need teeth replaced. It has transformed many people’s lives and given them additional comfort and security. Unlike removable dentures, these are a lot easier to maintain.

This dental implant is a small, screw-shaped post that replaces the root of the missing tooth. The implant is made of titanium and is fused to the bone. This is what makes them so sturdy and reliable.

These implant-supported teeth look and function just like real teeth. They also require the exact same maintenance as your regular teeth. This makes them very convenient!

Since many dental implants can be an unexpected expense out of your pocket, same-day implant surgery can help to bring down the cost. It is actually very affordable.

This process is not only the most cost-effective solution, but the quickest as well. In just one day, you can walk away with more confidence! For more information about getting a tooth in a day using dental implants, contact us today at (407) 679-5151.