Are Traditional Braces for You?

As a teen or adult, you may groan at the idea of wearing braces for any length of time, but the truth is that traditional braces have a long history of offering optimal outcomes for many different dental issues. Overcrowded teeth, widely gapped teeth, overbites, underbites and all kinds of other harmful issues have long been remedied using traditional braces, and it is why we offer them in our dental office.

As a family owned business since 1987, University Dental Group in Orlando, FL offers comprehensive dental care ideal to the needs of a growing family. We make general, restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals, available. And we also provide orthodontic solutions, including traditional braces.

What You May Not Know About Traditional Braces

When thinking of traditional braces, you might envision those overly large metal brackets and awkward wires worn by friends many years ago. Just like other areas of dentistry, orthodontics has experienced its own share of advances, and braces are now far more comfortable, reliable and properly sized and shaped. This makes them a far more satisfactory solution than many realize.

They offer some substantial benefits to oral health in addition to being a solution used by a cosmetic dentist when improving the appearance of a smile. After all, they ensure that teeth do not have overly wide gaps, overlapping and crowding, or poor bite. Often called malocclusion, this is when a patient’s teeth suffer from such issues overbite, underbite, cross bite and other similar issues.

Any problems with the bite typically go beyond the cosmetic. For example, the patient unhappy with their widely gapped teeth may also suffer from a poor bite because of the odd spacing. Over time this will cause any number of issues, ranging from TMJ to advanced decay simply because their teeth are over exposed and difficult to keep clean.

Though you may have wanted to meet with our cosmetic dentist or general dentist to discuss other alternatives to traditional braces, don’t rule them out as an ideal answer for your needs. They can make rapid changes in the alignment of your teeth, can be a more affordable answer to misalignment, and can help you to meet your cosmetic dentistry goals easily.

Living with Braces

Life with braces is not as complex as many might make you think. While you do have to be careful about the foods you eat, and you may find yourself spending a bit more time each day on oral hygiene, they are not as challenging as they once were. When you come to our dental office for treatment, we ensure that the brackets are bonded tightly, the wires positioned ideally and that you know exactly how to properly care for the braces. Regular visits keep you on track, and within 24 months, most patients are done with treatment.

Straighten Your Smile with Traditional Braces Today

Now that you have learned some benefits from traditional braces, it is time to pay a visit to our dentist office in Orlando, FL to further explore this treatment option. Get in touch with us today by calling 407-679-5151 or by visiting our contact page.