University Dental Group in Orlando, FL is a family owned dental office that has been providing individuals and families with some of the most comprehensive dental care in the area since 1987. In a welcoming and home-like setting, we offer a huge array of general, preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals when needed.

We have evolved over the years, expanding with each new technology and ensuring our staff is trained in the latest and most innovative and beneficial treatments and technologies. To that end, we also provide all our patients with access to some astonishing dental technology in our dentist office. These technologies include:

Intraoral Camera

While x-rays are a standard diagnostic tool, modern technologies allow dentists to get an even closer look in “real time” at any individual tooth or area of the mouth. This is done using an intraoral camera that takes amazingly in-depth, full color photos of the patient’s teeth or gums, and provide a more effective assessment of any issues or conditions. Not unlike a microscope, the intraoral camera fits comfortably inside of the mouth and projects digital images to a large display right in the treatment room. This enables the dentist to better understand what is going on, and to document any changes that might be taking place between visits.

Monitoring ongoing conditions, such as gum disease, movement of teeth or early signs of oral cancer are key to more effective treatment. This is but one of the technologies that our team is trained to use to the greatest effect possible.

2D and 3D Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays used to be a wildly uncomfortable and not so accurate way to diagnose certain conditions in the teeth and gums. For a patient, it was often a bit of a trial as they bit down on cardboard wings, held at uncomfortable angles, while the technician or dentist made photos. Today, our team uses a much safer and more precise approach with digital x-rays. We have invested in 2D and 3D x-ray technologies that emit much lower levels of radiation (90% less than traditional methods) and which are made with much smaller, more comfortable and effective devices. Projected instantly on a display, they allow our dental team to make remarkably accurate diagnoses. The 3D digital x-rays are not done on an annual basis, but every few years. They offer a full, panoramic, three-dimensional view of your mouth, and are considered the ultimate diagnostic tool for everything from misalignment to decay.


Crowns made while you wait? This sounds like science fiction but is a technology we make available. The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, but is what is known as a CAD/CAM technology. What this means is simple, it is Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing that are used to make a dental crown for a patient while they receive treatment for the affected tooth.

The CAD part of the technology uses high definition imagery from your digital x-rays or CT cone beam scan. It then uses specialized software and an in-office milling machine to craft a perfectly designed crown. Once our dentist is done providing your tooth with the treatment needed (such as a root canal or even when finishing your dental implant process), your permanent crown can be fitted and bonded. Patients can enjoy full treatment in one office visit.

CT Cone Beam

In addition to digital x-rays, we also have the astonishing CT Cone Beam scans that detect many problems much sooner and can be used to look at your crowns, roots, and even your sinuses and airways in less than ten seconds. What makes this device so amazingly effective where dental treatment is concerned is that it looks at areas and gives details that traditional x-rays cannot. It will offer our team a three-dimensional view of your roots and crowns, but also of the soft tissue throughout the mouth. If we need to look at the nerve pathways of a certain area prior to any surgical treatment, this device lets us get a full view. It can also capture all the details of the bones in the jaw and mouth, and it can do all of this with just a single, quick and comfortable scan.

Experience Our Dental Technology for Yourself

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