As a family-owned business that has offered comprehensive dental care to families and patients in the area since 1987, University Dental Group in Orlando, FL is happy to provide clients with a huge array of general, preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals when needed.

However, we understand that our family dentist patients may require a range of alternative treatment options that reflect unique needs falling a bit outside easily categorized dental services. This is why we gladly offer the following specialized treatments in our dental office.

Dental Emergencies

Any emergency is typically unwelcome, but a dental emergency can be especially so. Not only do they usually involve pain, but come with the risk of permanent damage, tooth loss and so much more. Additionally, it is very difficult for a patient to know just what to do during a dental emergency and this only adds to the misery. That is why our team has a 24-hour “on call” service available to all registered patients. New patients can often enjoy same day or next day emergency care, too.

Additionally, we can provide emergency root canal therapy if needed and even perform emergency extractions that include wisdom tooth removal. While it can be possible to avoid the worst dental emergencies simply by changing habits (don’t open things with your teeth, wear mouth guards during risky sports or other activities and get regular care to avoid serious decay or infection), we are ready to help you through any dental emergencies.

Night Guards

Did you know that many different conditions can be remedied using appliance therapy? Often summarized as night guards, these appliances can provide our patients with such diverse remedies as ending snoring, preventing damage and pain from bruxism (teeth grinding) and even addressing the potentially deadly issue of sleep apnea.

Our dental team is happy to consult with a patient who is considering ways of addressing such issues and can walk them through the different types of appliance therapies we have available. Safe and easily made, night guards can also play a role in helping patients avoid ongoing or worsening oral damage from issues like bruxism as well as reducing the harmful effects of apnea and snorting. Not all night guards are alike, and while one may simply serve as an impervious cushion between teeth, others may realign the soft tissue and the jaws to help with different issues. We are glad to customize a solution for you.

Oral Surgery

There are many essential and required dental treatments that also require additional steps to be a success. This is a main reason for our dental office to offer oral surgery. As a simple example, many patients who will be using orthodontics may also require teeth to be extracted for treatment to begin. We might also have to offer oral surgery to a patient who has impacted wisdom teeth or who is opting to have them removed though they have yet to erupt through the gum.

There are many reasons our patients may require oral surgery, and we are glad to use our wide array of technologies to ensure the best outcomes. Whether it is something relating to an upcoming dental implant treatment, the removal of a tooth prior to the use of a dental bridge or surgery related to wisdom teeth, we are happy to consult with you and offer you the support you need – including options for sedation dentistry if that is what you desire.

Children’s Dentistry

Dental experts now say that the earlier you introduce kids to dentistry, the less likely they will be to develop dental anxiety. They are also more likely to develop good oral hygiene and make a point of incorporating regular dental treatment into their everyday plans. It is why we offer comprehensive children’s dentistry in our office.

Our team has the skills to work with children of all ages – even providing treatment for patients as young as three and under. It is vitally important to have your child’s teeth examined by the age of three, though, because that allows our team to ensure their teeth are healthy, coming in properly and to be sure that your child’s teeth are being cleaned in a way that ensures ongoing health. Allow us to show your kids that a visit to the dentist is a fun, family-friendly activity where everyone is a friend and where only good and healthy experiences are enjoyed.


One of the most curious and complex dental health issues is known as both TMJ and TMD. It is a condition affecting the temporomandibular joint in the jaw. This is the largest in your head and attaches your lower jaw to your skull. It is remarkably flexible and powerful and yet it can begin to cause you problems for many different reasons. In fact, experts are not exactly sure just why so many people develop the symptoms of TMJ/TMD or if the symptoms are what bring on the condition!

If you have jaw, neck, face and even upper back pain, ringing in your ears, popping sounds when using the jaw, or times when your jaw locks or becomes difficult to move, it could be TMD. If you wake with sore teeth from bruxism (grinding), it may be a sign. Come in for an exam and discuss all your symptoms. We can provide you with a special, custom night guard to help overcome the grinding, and if that does not help, we have specialists to whom we will refer you or your family member.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea are two different issues. Snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea, and is harmless, in general. Sleep apnea, on the other hand, is a condition in which the soft tissue at the back of your throat collapses against the back, upper portion of your throat. This blocks the airway and can make you gasp and struggle to breathe. What is so scary about it is that you may have it and not know it, and it may be causing you to stop breathing dozens of times each night. People with sleep apnea are also at a much higher risk for health issues ranging from extreme fatigue to high blood pressure and heart failure. Fortunately, if you have been diagnosed with the condition, we have customized oral appliances available. Designed to alter the way your jaw is positioned when you lay down, these appliances stop the soft tissue from collapsing, and keep your airway wide open throughout the night.

Sedation Dentistry

There are millions upon millions of adults with dental issues that could have been avoided. For many of them, they skipped visits to the dentist because of dental anxiety and just wait to pay a visit until pain or obvious issues drive them to the dental chair. This is incredibly unfortunate, and is one reason we offer sedation dentistry.

A safe and incredibly effective way to eliminate anxiety, nervousness and fear prior to and during treatment, our sedation dentistry can be done in one of two ways. We can offer you nitrous oxide while you are in the office. This is the famous “laughing gas” that allows you to experience a relaxed and carefree feeling throughout any sort of procedure – yet you are fully awake throughout. We also have oral sedation that is used before you arrive. This relaxes you and allows you to enter the office at ease, enjoy treatment without any worries or anxiety and recover slowly afterward. If you hesitate to get cleanings, exams, or more complex treatments because of anxiety, get in touch to discuss sedation dentistry options.

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