The Impressive Results from Invisalign Treatments

Whether you are a teen who needs to have the alignment of their teeth corrected, or an adult who yearns for an improved look to your otherwise healthy smile, Invisalign could be your dream solution. Though the years have demonstrated that traditional braces and orthodontics are entirely reliable, they are not as appealing to many because of the use of uncomfortable wires and brackets. Many also dislike the overall looks of traditional braces, and this makes Invisalign an impressive alternative.

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At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL we are a family owned business that has offered comprehensive dental care to families and patients in the area since 1987. Providing general, preventative and restorative dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals, we are experts at cosmetic dentistry solutions, including orthodontics such as Invisalign.

Beyond Beauty

Now, before you consider treatment with Invisalign as a purely cosmetic issue, remember that orthodontics are used to correct a misaligned bite and other placement issues within the mouth. This is an important issue, and can affect your speech, your appearance, your self-esteem and even your long-term oral health. After all, teeth that are overlapping or crooked can be nearly impossible to clean properly, and that can lead to decay and gum disease. They may also align in a way that is harmful to the jaw or the teeth themselves, making it uncomfortable to chew and which can cause a long list of other issues.

These are but some of the reasons our general and cosmetic dentists may suggest the use of corrective appliances like Invisalign.

How It Works

While classic orthodontic solutions like braces use brackets bonded to the teeth and strung with adjustable wires to slowly pull the teeth into a better position, Invisalign uses clear (naked to the eye) aligning trays to do the work. They slide comfortably over the teeth, and cause tiny changes to occur.

They are made after amazingly precise measurements are made of your mouth. These measurements and imagery go to a special lab where a series of aligners are made specifically for you. The software used to make them can forecast how the changes in your mouth will occur and the trays guide your teeth into these new positions. You will change trays roughly every two weeks, and most patients are finished with treatment in less than 24 months.

The Benefits

Unlike classic braces and orthodontics, the aligners are easily popped out for eating and drinking. You just cleanse them, and brush and floss the teeth after eating, then slide them back in to be worn 22 hours each day. You will require a visit to our dental office to periodically check on your progress and ensure you are getting the desired results.

Start Improving Your Smile with Invisalign

Now that you know a bit more about Invisalign, it is time to pay a visit to our dentist office in Orlando, FL and discuss your options for this innovative treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 407-679-5151 or by visiting our contact page.