dentureHere at University Dental Group, we specialize in providing implants to support existing dentures.

An implant overdenture fits right over your dental implant. It has attachments that help you with the stability and retention of the rest of your dentures. This implant is a full denture and is used to replace your teeth that are missing. The implant, which is removable, is in the shape of an arch so it fits comfortably over your dentures.

The implant overdenture looks very natural and is very comfortable. Our patients have been extremely happy with the results both on the outside and the inside. Our trusted and qualified staff works with you to ensure that you are happy with the results.

The implant overdenture snaps into place so that you know you are wearing it correctly. It is comfortable once you get used to it. It will help you be able to eat your food better.

When you need dentures and implant overdentures, we start by making impressions. These are for recording jaw relation and diagnosing possible denture problems. These will help us to find exactly where you implant overdentures need to be placed for optimal support and comfort. This can also be created without a palate on the top of your mouth. It will be between you and the dentist to decide what is best for you.

If you have any questions regarding implants to support existing dentures, contact us today at (407) 679-5151.