At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL we are a family owned business that has offered comprehensive dental care to families and patients in the area since 1987. While we do provide clients with the most complete range of dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals, we place a strong emphasis on our general dentistry services as the key to optimal health and wellness.

After all, it is general dentistry that features the many treatments and steps so essential to optimal oral health. Each patient works with our general dentist to discover their needs, and whether it is standard preventative dentistry or more complex treatment, our goal is always the healthiest and most attractive teeth and gums possible.

As part of our general dentistry services, we are proud to offer:

Dental Exams

The keystone of any effective program for optimal oral health is a twice annual dental exam. Patients to our office will be able to speak with our general dentist and our hygienist during this exam. This is a treatment that includes a visual exam, an in-depth dental cleaning and x-rays. The cleaning will ensure that any plaque and tartar are removed and any problems lurking beneath the gum are addressed.

We also put our advanced technologies to work to uncover any potential problems within the teeth, as well as locating any early signs of decay or infection. We finish up with a review of your regular oral hygiene, highlighting any areas inside the mouth where your brushing and flossing may not be effective, and show you how to address any issues. We ensure your teeth and gums are in the best shape possible, but encourage another visit every six months.

Dental X-Rays

If your memory of a dental x-ray includes uncomfortably biting down on a stiff cardboard “wing” while the technician stepped out of the room to fire the camera, you can permanently erase such thoughts from your mind. Today’s dental x-rays are far more comfortable, accurate and fast.

In our dental office, we use digital x-rays that provide our dental team with amazingly accurate images of your teeth and gums. Even more exciting is that this technology cuts down your exposure to radiation by a staggering 90% and is much more comfortable than the old-fashioned system. The images are not developed on film, but appear instantly on the in-office display and use an innovative color contrast system to highlight areas where trouble may be lurking. Patients can have panoramic, 3D Cone Beam CT scans, intraoral cameras for microscopic exams of the teeth and more.

Dental Cleanings

Known as dental prophylaxis, dental cleanings are one of the simplest, fastest and most reliable ways of keeping your oral health at its very best. We recommend at least one cleaning every calendar year, though every six months is really the ideal. During a cleaning, we are going to do a visual exam and then begin removing any plaque that may be stuck to your teeth. If it has hardened into tartar, we remove that as well, and attempt to eliminate it at the gum line too. Our skilled hygienists will be sure to clean between your teeth too, and remove any harmful materials that could lead to decay or gum disease.

When that is done, we use a special device that polishes your teeth, and this is not purely for esthetic reasons. Polishing helps to smooth the teeth to such a degree that bacteria find it impossible to cling to them. In just minutes, we can provide you with a treatment that puts your teeth and gums in great shape and identifies any signs of trouble.

Dental Hygiene

Our patients should pay at least one visit to our dental office each year for a thorough exam and cleaning. Preferably, it is a twice annual visit that helps us to remove any plaque or tartar, look for signs of gum disease or tooth decay and even identify problems in dental hygiene.

After all, your cleaning and exam will only allow us to identify issues, but it is your daily oral hygiene routine that helps to eliminate threats to your oral health. Brushing, flossing and using any specialized products are the surest steps towards optimal dental health. During your regular exams, we are going to show you any flaws in your brushing or flossing methods (we’ll see signs of buildup and plaque that may reveal you are unable to reach them as you brush) and make suggestions for the use of alternative equipment and healthcare products such as special sealants, rinses and more.


The area of dentistry known as periodontics is one that looks at the different parts of the mouth that support the teeth. This means your jaw bone and gum tissue are areas of interest to our periodontist team. If an exam or visit makes it clear that you may have what is known as periodontal disease, it simply means that plaque on the teeth has hardened into tartar. This has caused bacteria to become trapped beneath your gums, and now there are pockets of infection around the roots.

Sadly, untreated periodontal disease is the main reason for adults to lose their teeth, so having our general dentist perform a periodontal exam is one way to avoid any development or worsening of the condition. Once you have periodontal disease, you will need regular periodontal maintenance to ensure the disease has not worsened or returned, and we offer these in our office, too.

Composite Fillings

People over the age of 40 may have what are known as amalgam fillings. These are metallic colored fillings made of a pliable blend of materials used to seal the tooth after it has been treated for decay. It is not a very strong or durable material, nor is it visually appealing. This is why we use composite fillings in our office. Colored to match your teeth, these fillings are superior to metal fillings in every way. They require much less of the tooth material to be removed, they are invisible to the eye, and they are bonded to the tooth – ensuring it remains strong and functional, but without any pain or discomfort due to decay.

We also provide inlays and onlays, which are a variety of filling that deal with decay using similar, tooth colored compounds and which preserve a great deal of the tooth while strengthening it.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Any sort of cancer is best treated as early as possible in its development, and this applies to oral cancer, too. As part of our general dentistry services, we provide oral cancer screenings and can also provide them when a patient is displaying or experiencing symptoms that may indicate the presence of oral cancer. Using visual exams and lab diagnostics, we can help a patient to determine if any swelling, discolored patches on the soft tissue of the mouth, bleeding or changes in the conditions in the mouth are early signs of oral cancer, or another treatable condition.

As already mentioned, the earlier cancer is detected, the better the likelihood of effective treatment. If you have experienced rapid changes in your mouth, get in touch and book a painless and quick oral cancer screening or full exam.

Root Canals

Though known as one of the more dreaded dental treatments, root canals are quite miraculous. Not only do they rapidly bring dental pain to an end, but they also preserve the natural tooth. This is the key to lifelong oral health and general well-being. Most patients who undergo root canal therapy will also require a crown to replace the original portion of the tooth.

With a reputation for being complicated, painful and prolonged, root canals never get their fair credit. They are not painful, not all that complex and certainly not much longer than the standard filling. They do have a bit more required as they involve the removal of infected material in the root area of the tooth, and they can also have infections present, but they are not painful themselves. It is the dental pain of the infection that is the worst part of any root canal, and whether you have booked a visit or require an emergency root canal, we make comprehensive services readily available.

Maintain Dental Health with General Dentistry

With all this information about the benefits of general dentistry, you are probably eager to talk with a dentist in Orlando, FL about the treatments available. Get in touch with us today by calling 407-679-5151 or by visiting our contact page.