university-dental-group-fl-94-of-158Quality oral health care is not complete without a precise dental examination that includes x-rays. Some patients are concerned with overexposure to radiation, which may explain why they are hesitant to undergo an X-ray exam for dental purposes.

Rest assured, the procedure for dental imaging is very precise and focused on only a small portion of the body, so you don’t run the risk of too much radiation.

For your peace of mind, University Dental Group uses ONLY digital X-ray technology to take snapshots of the mouth and jaw area. Digital X-rays emit 90% less radiation than analog machines and appear INSTANTLY. No more waiting for the films to develop using chemicals that may be harmful to people and the environment. The images produced by digital X-ray also have higher color contrast, so any problem areas are highlighted more, and problems can be detected earlier.

We now have the capability to take our diagnostic panoramic x-ray in 3-D. This x-ray is usually taken only every few years, and has a low radiation dosage similar to the amount of background radiation you would receive living in Orlando for 8 days.