Teeth Whitening Is an Ideal Solution

Even with a healthy set of teeth and gums, good oral hygiene and an aligned bite, you may still hide your smile. After all, most of us consider a grin “perfect” only if it is sparkling white. Therefore, we suggest teeth whitening to patients who feel self-conscious about their otherwise flawless smiles. University Dental Group in Orlando, FL, is family owned business that has offered comprehensive dental care to families and patients in the area since 1987. While we deliver a one-stop solution for all of your general, preventative and restorative dentistry needs, as well as specialist referrals, we also provide many cosmetic dentistry solutions, including whitening.

When to See Us about Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments we provide in our dental office because of its ease, comfort, speed and reliability. We also offer it as a take home solution for those who prefer to handle it as part of their oral hygiene regimen.

Naturally, teeth whitening is a treatment that we can offer to patients once their overall oral health has been assured. We will consult with you about your goals and then help you to decide whether the rapid, in office whitening or the take home solutions are the best solution.

In Office Teeth Whitening

For patients who want to transform their smile quickly and with but a single visit to the dentist office, we provide Zoom! whitening services. These are ideal for those with deeply stained teeth, yellowing teeth or teeth that could use a bit of added dazzle. Done with special, customized trays and a powerful whitening solution, you will find that your teeth are many shades lighter with just that one visit.

At home whitening uses the same Zoom! approach, but with a compound that is less intense, and without any special lighting devices to activate the solution. In both instances, we will make a set of custom whitening trays that ensure your teeth come into full contact with the teeth whitening solution.

Whitening Aftercare

One thing to know about whitening is that it is never a permanent solution. If you are someone who smokes, regularly drinks staining liquids such as tea or coffee, or who has struggled with yellowing teeth due to age or medication, you may need to plan on whitening more often than others. Even if you do not fall into any of those categories, your whitening will need to be repeated periodically. You can prolong the treatment by using at home kits, specialty toothpastes and avoiding habits that could lead to discoloration.

Some may worry that whitening will leave their teeth sensitive, and though there are some instances in which a patient has sensitivity a day or two after treatment, most issues of this kind can be avoided. Simply consult with our cosmetic dentist about your concerns, and discover the ideal answer to your needs.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

If you are eager to get teeth whitening, it is time to talk with a dentist in Orlando, FL about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 407-679-5151 or by visiting our contact page.