The Many Benefits of Dental Crowns

Do you know much about dental crowns? They are also called “caps” and are a replacement for the upper part of a tooth that has been lost to disease or decay, damage or injury or which is no longer aesthetically pleasing due to deep staining. At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL we offer a full menu of general, preventative and cosmetic dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals. A family owned business since 1987, our goal is to provide a single destination for simple to complex dental needs, including restorative dentistry and dental crowns.

Who Needs Crowns?

It is interesting to note the many ways that dental crowns can be used, and just who might require them during treatment. We will offer our patients crowns as treatment for:

  • Large areas of decay unable to be treated with a traditional filling
  • Replacement of failed fillings
  • Teeth that have been cracked or damaged and cannot be repaired with bonding or filling
  • Completion of a root canal treatment
  • Completion of a dental implant
  • A full mouth rehabilitation
  • Teeth that are deeply stained and which will not respond to whitening

The important thing to know about crowns is that they are fully-functional replacement for the original crown. Once our restorative dentist has properly treated any issue with the tooth, they will shape it in a way to make room for the crown. It is going to fit over the tooth and look just like a natural crown. It will stand up to the same wear and tear and serve you many years without pain, discomfort or failure.

Same-Day Crowns

In our Orlando dentist office, we also make single visit or same-day crowns available thanks to our use of CEREC technology. While standard methods for creating dental crowns require a patient to receive treatment and get a temporary crown while a lab crafts a new one (meaning a second trip to get the new crown placed and bonded), our process involves a single visit.

If you are a candidate for same-day all-porcelain crowns with CEREC we use the technology to scan your teeth and gums, treat the tooth and during treatment the special machinery mills your new crown. It will be ready to place as soon as your tooth is done receiving whatever treatment is required. We bond it to the tooth and you can leave that day with a fully restored tooth and functional new crown.

Dental crowns are also considered useful to cosmetic dentists in addition to restorative dentistry. They can be used to restore the good looks of a tooth damaged or decayed, helping you to enjoy a fully functional and attractive smile.

Contact Our Dental Crowns Dentist

Made of durable porcelain, crowns are a long-term solution that may be ideal for your needs. Now that you know a bit more about dental crowns, it is time to talk with a dentist in Orlando, FL about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 407-679-5151 or by visiting our contact page.