As a family-owned practice since 1987, University Dental Group in Orlando, FL aims at providing comprehensive dental care in a welcoming and home-like setting. We offer our many patients a full menu of dentistry services, in addition to specialist referrals.

While we emphasize general care, we also encourage patients to discuss their cosmetic dentistry needs with our team. As part of our services, our team can provide:


When one or two teeth feature issues that just cannot be addressed through whitening treatments but which are not a good candidate for veneers or crowns, dental bonding can save the day. This is certainly a fast and effective cosmetic treatment that can be completed in a single office visit. It uses a strong, tooth colored material that is applied to the tooth or teeth to conceal deep discoloration, cracks or chips, or even to address slight gaps or oddly shaped teeth.

While it is a cosmetic option, it is also restorative when used on teeth compromised by chips or cracks, giving them new strength even as it improves the appearance. The strong resins used in bonding are resistant to any future staining and can last for up to ten years or more with proper oral hygiene and care.


Many patients are unfamiliar with the option for dental inlays or onlays. Essentially, they are an ideal solution for those who have old fillings that are failing, failed or which need to be replaced. They are like fillings except they are made of much more durable dental resin colored to match the tooth. Inlays fit inside the cusps of the teeth – just like a traditional filling – but require much less tooth material to be removed to deal with decay.

Onlays are a bit more extensive and are made to replace or cover cusps as well as filling in the upper region of the tooth. They will be bonded to the tooth, offering it strength as well as ending the risks associated with decay. They last for years, especially with proper oral health and hygiene, and can be a far more cosmetically appealing solution for those who require fillings, or filling replacement.

Snap-On Smile

Do you think it is at all possible to have an entirely new and picture-perfect smile with just two visits to a dentist? If you said “no”, you would typically be correct. Yet, the innovative Snap-On Smile technology enables us to provide some of our patients with an amazing solution to multiple, cosmetic dentistry issues. Custom made for your teeth, it is formed of natural looking resin thin enough to fit over the teeth and withstand daily use, but strong enough to last for years.

Ideal for those with slightly gapped, chipped, deeply stained and even missing teeth, they can be done without any alteration to the teeth and in just two visits to our office. If you have found that your budget cannot handle a full smile makeover, but cosmetic concerns with your healthy teeth and gums keep you from smiling, the Snap-On Smile solution may be just the right answer.

Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers

When you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, deeply stained or suffering from mild to moderate gapping, misalignment or odd sizing, porcelain veneers or Lumineers may be the right answer. Paper thin and able to be completed in just two visits, they are a permanent solution for a long list of cosmetic concerns.

Teeth Whitening

Whether it is the finishing touch to a smile makeover, a touch up before a big event or something you have been yearning to do for a long time, teeth whitening is a wonderful cosmetic treatment. We can provide you with an amazingly fast, long-lasting and effective in office treatment using the powerful Zoom! system. If you want milder compounds and don’t mind using your customized dental whitening trays at home, we have at home systems, too.

Smile Makeover

Don’t think of a Smile Makeover in purely cosmetic terms. While we are happy to help you overcome multiple cosmetic issues through this customized treatment plan, we can also provide a total mouth rehabilitation. This could include the use of dental implants, bridges, dental crowns, bonding and other restorative, as well as cosmetic dentistry solutions.


Adults and teens who need to have their bites corrected, or who wish to improve the cosmetic appearance of their smiles don’t have to settle for wire and metal braces. Though they work well, there are now invisible braces known as Invisalign. These are worn over the teeth and yet are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. Eat, speak and look like normal and all while you get your teeth flawlessly realigned.

Traditional Braces

Though it may seem that millions of people are using invisible braces and using them as superior solutions, traditional braces are also a wonderful approach to rapid correction and realignment. Our team can help patients understand whether wire and metal braces are the ideal solution, and determine the length of time and/or complexity of treatment. More advanced than ever, braces are still a solid solution to gapped, misaligned, or crooked teeth as well as malocclusion issues.

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