image0170The almighty H2O, hailed for its countless benefits on the body, is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Deemed one of the more well-known compounds, water ranks even higher in benefits when the element fluorine is added to the mix. Fluorine, when combined with minerals, results in the formation of salts called fluoride. In aims to better adjust the dental health of the overall public, local and state governments began adding fluoride, or “fluoridating” community water in 1945. According to a 2014 survey by Costco Connection, 65% of participants voted “yes” in favor of water fluoridation.

When contained in optimal levels of about 0.7ml per liter, the intake of fluoride reaps great benefits on the dental health of our nation. In the process of community water fluoridation, results can be seen through less cavities, tooth sensitivity, and extractions. Take the time to research allotted fluoride policies in your region. Fluorine, when combined with H2O, are some of the essential elements to your dental health. Now that’s some high quality H2O!