image0123Holiday treats can be tough on your teeth. Here are a few tips to follow during the season of tasty treats and endless sweets:

Limit the frequency you eat sugary foods

If you have a bowl of candy in your home and eat one every few hours, you are reviving the bacteria that can harm your teeth enamel. Try to eat sweets less often – quality over quantity?

Eat sweets along with or after a meal

You’re hungry – and there are TONS of sweets around. Before you reach for that decadent peanut brittle, try to find something else to eat along with it such as some crunchy vegetables. Studies have shown that those who eat sweets as snacks between meals have higher incidences of tooth decay more than those who eat the same amount of sugar with their meals. Overall eating a meal along with sweet treats helps produce more saliva that will help neutralize pH levels and wash away harmful bacteria.

Brush an hour after eating

It’s important to always brush your teeth after every meal; however, waiting an hour gives the enamel on your teeth time to re-harden before brushing.

Drink water… Lots of water

Water is your friend. Drinking water throughout the day helps to wash away remaining food particles, produce more saliva, and rinse teeth of acid. It isn’t a true holiday party without water by your side!

Chew sugarless gum

Chewing sugarless gum that contains xylitol can help reduce the risk of cavities. It not only assists in dislodging food stuck to your teeth, it also increases saliva flow to help buffer those darn acids.


You can’t forget to floss! While flossing is important for healthy teeth in general, it’s important to focus on good flossing habits especially during the winter holidays. It helps remove particles stuck between teeth that cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Schedule an appointment for a cleaning in January

Start your New Year off right by getting your teeth checked and cleaned. When you finish the last of the holiday treats, give us a call to get your teeth squeaky clean.

Try not to go overboard with the sweets and make sure to practice good brushing and flossing habits this holiday season!