If your teeth are cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, then you are well aware of the harm it has done to your smile. This can impact your self-confidence to the point that you no longer desire to even meet new people with sincerity. Our smile defines who we are, and this is precisely the reason that cosmetic dentistry is so valuable in such a situation. You might be wondering if porcelain veneers are for you and if they could be the answer to getting your teeth back to their natural and straight position. Keep reading this post to find out.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

The first step towards learning if porcelain veneers are for you is to actually understand what they are. If you have not heard about this type of cosmetic procedure in the past, the next few sentences should clear everything up for you. These are thin shells of material that fit right over your teeth. Made of porcelain, they are meant to cover up any kind of deformity that has engulfed your teeth over the years, from a chipped or broken tooth to discoloration. The color mimics that of natural teeth, so nobody should even know you have a porcelain veneer unless you choose to tell them. If your teeth are misaligned or otherwise damaged in any way, porcelain veneers may very well be the solution that you have been looking for.

The Procedure Explained

If you are like most people, you want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you arrive at the dentist’s office. Cosmetic dentistry can create a great deal of anxiety in many people because the procedures are so involved, yet the positive results are undeniable. With that said, you will be pleasantly surprised with the advanced technology that your dentist in Orlando employs when constructing and placing your dental veneers over your natural teeth.

The first step in this procedure is to get your teeth ready for the porcelain veneers that are soon to arrive. This means that some of the enamel lining the front of your teeth will need to be scraped off. This is done so that surface will be ready for the veneers to adhere to solidly. Your Orlando dentist will make sure that your porcelain veneers stay in place and that they provide you many happy and carefree years with which to smile to your heart’s content. You might be worried that the scraping process will hurt. To make sure that it does not, your dentist will apply general anesthesia to the area, so it is entirely painless.

After this process is complete, your cosmetic dentist will take some impressions of the teeth that you will be putting the porcelain veneers over. This is done by using a special compound that creates an exact replica of your teeth so that the veneers will be a perfect fit. Once the impressions have been taken, they will be sent off to a laboratory where a veneers specialist will then work to craft veneers that are specially designed to fit your teeth. After that, you will just need to wait a bit for your next appointment. See, that was not so painful now, was it?

When you return to your dentist in Orlando, the veneers will first be placed softly over your teeth just to ensure that they are a perfect fit. Once it is determined that they are, a special cement will be used to attach them to your teeth. Once this is done, technology once against enters the scene as a special light is flashed over them in order to cure the veneers. After all of this is completed, your veneers specialist will clean away any of the remaining cement that still lingers. All that is left now is the inspection and clean up. Your Orlando dentist will look them over just to make sure that the color is perfect. Your veneers are meant to be an exact replica of your natural teeth in terms of color, and your dentist will make sure that they are prior to you leaving. Finally, a few adjustments will be made just to make sure that your bite is perfect. Your smile makeover will then be complete.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever noticed that the color of your natural teeth seems to fade over time? It is a constant struggle to maintain that white smile that you crave day in and day out. Porcelain veneers not only replicate your natural teeth, they take it one step further by being resistant to stains. The teeth that have a veneer adhered to them will no longer become discolored. In essence, this makes them even better than your natural teeth. You will love the look that you gain from this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Your porcelain veneers are made to last a long time. If you will commit to brushing and flossing them as you normally would, you will notice that they stay strong and white for the duration. It is also important to visit your dentist in Orlando for regular cleanings in order to keep the veneers looking sharp for you. It is up to you if you even tell your friends and family that you have porcelain veneers. In the end, they will almost certainly notice the smile makeover that you have received and you might want to tell them how it happened. This is so that they can reap the same benefits of porcelain veneers that you do.

Some Downsides

As with any cosmetic dentistry procedure, there are some notable downsides that should be mentioned. However, each of these can be overcome and the benefits of porcelain veneers far outweigh any of these disadvantages. To begin, some people find that their teeth are initially more sensitive to the heat and the cold when getting porcelain veneers. This is because much of the enamel that protects the tooth from these sensations are removed to make way for the veneers themselves. You will get used to this over time, but in the meantime, you can use special toothpaste made for people with sensitive teeth. That should do the trick just nicely.

You will also want to keep in mind that your teeth can still decay. The addition of porcelain veneers will not stop that process should it be taking place. This means that you will need to receive regular cleanings and checkups, in addition to taking care of your own oral health at home. If you do that, you will be well positioned to enjoy your porcelain veneers for years to come.

Some of the Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

You might be struggling to decide if cosmetic dentistry is for you. Perhaps you have a fear of dental procedures, or you struggle with spending money on making your teeth look better. Whatever the reason might be, it is understandable that you might have some reservations. At the same time, you owe it to yourself to visit a cosmetic dentist in Orlando. The advantages are simply too many and too pronounced to ignore any longer. Here is a sampling of what you can expect to achieve as a result of getting your porcelain veneers.

Smile Makeover

Perhaps the most notable advantage of porcelain veneers is the new smile you will gain as a result. Perhaps you just have one tooth that has been become chipped, or you have several broken teeth that have become rather unsightly to look at. Your natural teeth should be retained whenever possible, so you do not need to have them extracted and replaced with dental implants. Instead, porcelain veneers are a great way to almost instantly take care of the problem and return that great looking smile to you once and for all. You will be glad that you made this decision, as the process really is non-invasive. It is a painless procedure that results in a new looking tooth. You will not even feel the veneers, but you will surely notice the difference.

Increased Self-Confidence

When you feel good about the state of your teeth, you will also notice that your self-confidence increases as well. You will be flashing your smile freely and openly when in the past you were hesitant to do so. Others will perceive you in a more positive light as well, as they will notice that change in your overall demeanor. All of this occurs because you made the first step of talking to your dentist in Orlando about the advantages of getting porcelain veneers. You will be proud of your teeth, and you will work even harder to take care of them. All of this combines to improve your self-confidence in measurable ways.

Decreased Stress Level

As your smile makeover is complete, you will notice your stress level begins to decrease accordingly. This is because you will not worry so much about your smile and how others perceive you. Many people with chipped, broken, or stained teeth end up avoiding others. You might even cancel appointments and not go after that job you have had your eyes on for a long time. This is simply because you cannot bear the thought of someone looking at your teeth and getting the wrong idea. Because of this, you stop smiling and this leads to a great deal of stress over time. Talk to your dentist in Orlando to find out how you can decrease that stress and gain a great looking smile at the same time.

Gain Better Oral Hygiene

Another great advantage of getting porcelain veneers is related to your oral health. Many people begin to neglect proper cleaning of their teeth over time because they are already unhappy with their appearance. It is simply impossible to rectify some problem areas in your teeth on your own. If you do not visit a dentist, you might just give up. When you receive porcelain veneers, it will be like getting a new lease on life. You will not only be making an investment in your smile makeover, you will also become proud of the results that have been achieved for yourself. Because of this, you will gain extra motivation to clean and floss your teeth exactly as your cosmetic dentist prescribes. This will lead to better overall oral health and can prolong the onset of any type of gum disease or decaying teeth. Remember to pay regular visits to your dentist in Orlando as well.

In Conclusion…

As you have read, there are quite a few advantages of getting porcelain veneers, and very few disadvantages. If you are a candidate for this type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, you should strongly consider it. The rewards will be recognized almost immediately. You cannot see the veneers, and they will not impede your normal bite in any way. The procedure itself is relatively painless and will not require more than two or three visits to your dentist in Orlando in order to complete your smile makeover. You will be proud of the results, and others around you will certainly be amazed at what has taken place.

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It is in your best interests to do whatever possible to retain your natural looking smile for as long as possible. Porcelain veneers are a viable way of making sure that this happens. It is easy to get the procedure done and you will be able to maintain your daily schedule throughout. There really is no reason to wait any longer. Contact University Dental Group at 407-679-5151 to learn more about the benefits that porcelain veneers can bring to your teeth and smile.