Great Lakes Education Center

Drs. Rosello and I (Dr. Torres-Friedmann) headed to (mostly) sunny Puerto Rico for “Cerec in the Sun”. Two of our all-star dental assistants, Betty and Jen, joined us for a 3-day symposium on advanced cad-cam dentistry presented by the Great Lakes Education Center. Recent technological advances have made cerec dentistry extremely predictable, efficient, and more aesthetic than ever! Our dental assistants excelled in their hands-on course. We doctors learned advanced techniques for restoring front teeth with Cerec. We ALL enjoyed the beautiful beaches, historic sights, tasty food, and tropical music of Puerto Rico!

Dr. Torres-Friedmann representing her Alma Mater on a sunny Saturday

Congrats to Jen and Betty on a job well-done. We’re glad you were willing to spend the weekend with us!

The whole group at the closing reception.