Did you know that braces are considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure? One of the many benefits of braces is the way they can make your smile look. However, the most important reason to consider braces is the way they restore functionality back to your mouth. They allow you to eat, speak, and perform oral hygiene correctly. Here are some facts that our Orlando patients need to know about braces:

Orthodontic Treatment Is for Everyone

Most people think of children when they think of braces. It is true that tweens and teens are usually the patients who get traditional metal braces. However, adults may need correction to their misaligned bites or teeth as well. In some cases, invisible braces called Invisalign may be used to avoid the look of metal wires and brackets.

The Many Types of Braces

Clear aligners are not the only type of braces that can be invisible. For example, some children may have lingual braces, which are affixed to the inside (or “back”) of the teeth, rather than the front. The traditional braces, with wires and brackets, can be made with metal brackets or ceramic. Some adults who need braces can start with metal braces, and later move to clear aligners. Your orthodontist in Orlando has many ways to help correct your bite and tooth alignment.


One reason that many adults need orthodontics is that their teeth shifted back into a misaligned arrangement after having braces as a child. It is important to wear your retainer after the treatment is over, for as long as recommended, to avoid this problem.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Orlando Dentist

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