General dentistry is the umbrella term used to describe everything from a standard cleaning to fillings and other preventative care treatments. This term also encompasses anything you do in your own routine to care for your teeth, including brushing and flossing. These are the benefits of general dentistry that we offer our patients in Orlando at University Dental Group.

More Knowledge Means Better Health

When you regularly visit your general dentist in Orlando, you will always know if you are following the best practices for dental hygiene at home, and can tweak it if your general dentist thinks it may be necessary. This is a huge benefit, because what you do with your teeth at home is the biggest factor in how healthy your teeth and gums will be overall.

Catch Issues Before They Occur

Another benefit of general dentistry is that your general dentist in Orlando can catch major dental concerns before they spiral out of control. This will save you money on expensive treatments in the future, and protect your health. For this reason, general dentistry is also called preventative dentistry.

Get Regular Screenings

Perhaps the most important benefit of general dentistry is that you get screened for oral cancer and gum disease at each regular dental exam. This is very important because both are treatable in the early stages. Without the screening, either of these dental health issues could cause serious health concerns in your entire body.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Orlando

As your general dentist, we want to help you to understand the benefits of general dentistry to impress upon you how important your annual or bi-annual check ups are with your dentist in Orlando. You will keep your body healthier through general dentistry, and you will love your smile. Contact us online or call 407-679-5151 to learn more.