If you have ever watched someone line up a row of dominoes and then tip over the first one, you understand what it means when someone says the “domino effect”. This is also a phrase that can be used to explain what typically occurs when you lose even one adult tooth. That single event can cause a chain reaction of issues that disrupt and harm your overall oral health. Because of that, the team at University Dental Group in Orlando, FL encourages all of our patients who have lost teeth to consider the benefits of dental implants.

As your chosen dentist in Orlando, we are going to recommend dental implants whenever you have lost a single tooth or you are facing an extraction. We will also suggest implant dentistry when you are looking at restorative dentistry solutions for the loss of multiple teeth. This is because our dental implants specialist can offer you many different answers that rely on implants. Whether you want to use two implants to hold a bridge, four implants to hold a set of fixed dentures or individual implants to replace a single tooth, the benefits of dental implants are immense.

What Happens After Tooth Loss

We need to return to that domino effect idea to better illustrate the many benefits of dental implants. When a tooth is lost, it allows any neighboring teeth to loosen and shift. This alters the bite and has long term consequences such as uneven wear, jaw issues and more. The loss also causes atrophy in gum and jaw tissue, leading to absorption and shrinking, altering the shape of the jaw and even the face.

Interestingly enough, one of the chief benefits of dental implants is that they can stop all of these issues. By inserting the implant into the bone and gum, you don’t suffer bone or tissue loss. The surrounding teeth remain in place, and your bite pattern never changes radically.

Of course, having teeth that are almost identical to natural teeth means your long term health and wellness is assured. You can eat, speak and look like yourself, and this has profound benefits over time.

Have Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

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