Dental crowns are truly one of the most versatile restorative dentistry procedures we can offer to our patients in Orlando. Crowns are caps of porcelain or ceramic that are custom made to match your smile. They cover each tooth from gum to tip, all the way around. There are many benefits of dental crowns.

Dental Crowns Last Longer

Dental crowns can easily last for several decades. It is not unheard of for a crown to be in great shape 30 years after it was placed. Other restorative dental techniques, such as veneers, are only designed to last half that time. To keep your dental crown in good shape, you only need to maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dental crowns specialist for regular check ups.

Dental Crowns Help Prevent Damage and Pain

The most important benefit of dental crowns is, of course, that they protect your teeth. Many dentists place a crown over a tooth that has been weakened by a root canal, to keep it from chipping or cracking. When your teeth are protected from damage, you will not have to worry about suffering pain in the future, and you can also often guard against sensitivity.

Dental Crowns Match Your Smile

Modern dental crowns are not noticeable, thanks to the way the caps are created in restorative dentistry. Your dentist in Orlando can order a dental crown that matches the shape, size, texture, and color of your surrounding teeth.

Dental Crowns Are Fast

One of the many benefits of dental crowns is that they are easy and fast to place. There is no need to worry about a lengthy dental process.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are not always the best solution for everyone. In order to discover if you are a candidate for the many benefits of dental crowns, contact University Dental GroupĀ in Orlando by calling 407-679-5151, or contact us online.