The dental bridge is a lot like its name implies – it is a restoration that spans the gap between two natural teeth. You need a bridge when you have lost one or more teeth in sequence, and when you have two healthy teeth at either end of that gap. The bridge then bridges the space and lets you look, chew and speak like normal. At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL we offer many restorative dentistry solutions and encourage all patients to discover the benefits of dental bridges as a restorative solution.

How a Bridge Works

As your chosen dentist in Orlando, we are going to review the different options you have available when you have lost one or more teeth. Though you can elect to have a “partial” denture that pops in and out, a dental bridge remains fixed in place. This represents one of the key benefits of dental bridges – that it is permanent and offers no risks for popping out or sliding.

Our dental bridge specialist might explain that dental implants are an option, too, but your budget or your oral health may make that impossible. Again, this shows one of the benefits of dental bridges – that they are an affordable way to get a permanent and fully functional restoration in place.

They will require that the two natural teeth at each end of the bridge are fitted with dental crowns. This is because the bridge does put some demands on the “abutments”. However, here too we see the benefits of dental bridges – that it ensures the long term stability of natural teeth even as it restores use to the area where tooth loss occurred.

Is everyone a good candidate for this treatment? No, you might find that there are other options that suit your budget or your level of oral health better. Our team is always going to emphasize education and explain every detail of your restorative options to you. If a bridge is possible, it is a great way to have an easy to maintain treatment that lets you enjoy full use of your mouth and have a full and natural looking smile.

Have a Missing Tooth? Consider a Dental Bridge

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