At the University Dental Group in Orlando, FL, we tell patients that anyone with teeth or gums is a good candidate for general dentistry. This includes the patient who has full dentures or the young child with their first few baby teeth. How can so many people be good candidates? General dentistry is actually also called preventative dentistry because it features the different treatments that identify problems and address them right away.

As your preferred dentist in Orlando, we see everyone in your household as a candidate for general dentistry because everyone requires at least one dental exam, cleaning and oral cancer screening each year (though twice a year is better). Everyone can benefit from a general dentist taking a look at the conditions of their teeth and gums, ensuring their bite, jaw and soft tissue is in good shape and even reviewing any flaws they detect in dental hygiene.

That’s correct – a general dentistry appointment is an ideal time to discuss when to floss, what sort of toothbrush and toothpaste to use, and if there are any additional products that could be of benefit. For example, we might detect that your flossing is not addressing build up between the teeth and gum. We might suggest a water pick. We might recommend certain rinses to support better oral health, and more.

Seniors and Infants Are Good Candidates, Too

You are also a candidate for general dentistry if you have lost teeth or are just starting to develop them. This is because we can look for certain issues that can be addressed through general or more advanced treatments. Problems with baby teeth or in the way you are cleaning an infant’s teeth can be detected early on, and issues with the gums in those who have lost teeth are also part of preventative care.

If you just remember or keep in mind that general and preventative dentistry are identical in their goals, and that general dentistry often helps to address problems long before they worsen, it is easy to understand why everyone is a good candidate for general dentistry.

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