It can be too easy to panic during any sort of dental issue. This is because dental pain often makes many people deeply upset and if there is any sort of swelling, blood or breakage inside of the mouth, it can seem like a dire emergency. At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL, we encourage all of our patients to take time now (long before any emergencies occur) to learn how to recognize a true candidate for emergency dental care.

As your preferred dentist in Orlando, we can offer you treatment during a dental emergency, but let’s go over what it takes to actually require a visit to an emergency dentist appointment.

What Makes You a Candidate for Emergency Dental Care?

We often see patients as emergency patients because they have some sort of breakage to a tooth or multiple teeth. The thing to remember is that a broken tooth is not often the cause of an emergency. Instead, it is the event that caused that tooth to break that is the emergency. If you suffer some sort of trauma to the face or head, and part of the injury is a broken tooth, you are not actually a candidate for emergency dental care. Instead, you must visit a hospital to ensure that the trauma to the head did not cause serious injury.

If you have not broken, but dislodged a tooth, try to find it and if you can gingerly return it to the socket, do so. Carefully rinse it clean and try to insert it. If that doesn’t work, keep the tooth in a glass of milk until you can get into the office.

If there is soft tissue damage, such as a split lip or heavy bleeding inside of the mouth. Use cold compresses to control swelling but keep in mind that regular medical care may be the priority.

If you have intense pain but no injury, you might still be a candidate for emergency dental care. This is true if there is swelling or heat in one area of the face or mouth. Use a cold compress and OTC pain relievers and contact us straight away.

Of course, we cannot talk about being a candidate for emergency care without also looking at avoiding the issue. We find that many people visit us with emergencies that could be avoided. Try wearing mouth guards for any sort of contact sports or risky activities. Avoid using your teeth like tools to open or tear things. Don’t make a habit of chewing on hard things like ice or even pencils. If you can believe it, those are some common causes of emergency visits!

Contact Us If You Are Having a Dental Emergency

You can discuss emergencies by calling our Orlando, FL office at 407-679-5151. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.