One of the most trusted forms of restorative dentistry is to use dental crowns. They are always made specifically for your mouth and designed to protect a tooth and preserve your bite. They are used for many reasons, and that means that a lot of different patients could become a candidate for dental crowns. At University Dental Group in Orlando, FL, we are all about educating our patients about treatment options, and offer the following details about dental crowns.

The Many Uses of Crowns

As your preferred dentist in Orlando, we might recommend the use of dental crowns for a few reasons. They are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry (and usually called “caps” when used this way) and improve the look and even the alignment of a smile. They are also used to complete most root canals and all dental implants. They preserve and protect a damaged tooth, and can be ideal when a tooth is decayed and not suited to a filling.

A dental crowns specialist is the right person to tell you if you are a candidate for dental crowns, and will explain just why this is the right choice. One of the most common reasons you become a candidate for dental crowns, though, is that a tooth has suffered decay to such an extent that there is not enough of the tooth remaining to support a filling. Because crowns are meant to be restorative, allowing you a painless and complete use of that tooth, they serve as the ideal answer.

Of course, we also talk with patients about aftercare, and explain that you are not a good candidate for dental crowns if you do not intend to provide crowns with the same care as natural teeth. Though they do not decay or stain, you still need to keep them clean, floss and have regular exams to be sure that the remaining tooth is in the best shape.

As durable and fully functional shields over what remains of a natural tooth, they are a wonderful option. They allow you to keep and use teeth, ensuring optimal oral health, and yet can also be a cosmetic fix for damaged teeth, too.

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