At University Dental Group in Orlando, we care about our patient’s comfort during their visit to our dental office which is why we offer two different sedation dentistry options for them to choose from. We offer both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation (a pill) for patients to use during their treatments at our dental office. Depending on what procedure they are having done and what level of sedation they need will determine which treatment our dentist will recommend. Find out the many benefits of sedation dentistry below.

The Dentist Can Work Faster

When a patient decides to use sedation dentistry like laughing gas or oral sedation, the patient becomes completely relaxed during the procedure making the dentist’s job a lot easier. Sedation dentistry helps patients who struggle with sitting still actually sit still through the entirety of the treatment. The dentist can then go in and do their job quickly without stopping every few minutes to readjust or help the patient relax because the patient will already be relaxed and feeling worry-free. Our dentist will also be able to complete multiple procedures in the same visit, which is very helpful if you really don’t enjoy sitting in the chair. This will allow you to make fewer visits to our dentist which can save you time and anxiety in the future.

Dental Fear or Anxiety Are Gone

One of the main reasons a patient will decide to get sedation dentistry is because they have a long history of having dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. This may have resulted in the patient avoiding the dentist for all treatments and cleanings for many years. This can be detrimental to oral health and patients should be aware of the sedation dentistry options out there to help them relax through their appointments.

For enough sedation to make you feel relaxed, our dentist will offer you nitrous oxide which is inhaled throughout the appointment to make you feel relaxed. Once the nitrous oxide is stopped, the effects will wear off within minutes and you will be okay to drive home. For more intense sedation, our dentist will prescribe you a pill similar to valium for you to take before your appointment. This sedation may even make you fall asleep during your appointment and it’s important to have a ride arranged for both to and from your appointment. Each of these options works perfectly to help relieve dental anxiety and fear of the dentist at our Orlando dental office.

No Pain

One of the most common reasons a patient has a fear of the dentist or dental anxiety is because they are scared of the pain their dentist will inflict on them through procedures like fillings or root canals. One of the benefits of sedation dentistry is that it helps take this fear away. Our dentist uses numbing agents as necessary throughout your procedure to ensure it stays pain-free. Using sedation dentistry helps relax the patient and ensure they have a pain-free visit.

Painful Memories are Gone

Another reason patients dislike going to the dentist is that they associate going with a bad past experience with another dentist. It’s quite common for people to have some sort of bad experience with a dentist or doctor in their life and it may prevent them from seeking healthcare in the future. At University Dental Group, we walk with our patients through every step of the procedure to ensure they are comfortable and are aware of everything that is going on throughout the procedure. With sedation dentistry, you will be able to relax and forget about those bad past experiences you may have had at the dentist. Our team is here to make you feel safe and comfortable during your entire visit to our Orlando dental office.

You’re Still Conscious

Unlike general anesthesia, with our sedation dentistry options, you will still be conscious in case we need to communicate with you during the procedure. This is important because it helps you feel safer because you are aware of what’s going on, you are just feeling relaxed during it. If at any moment, you feel uncomfortable, you will still be able to talk with our team to let them know you need a drink, a break or if the effects of the Novocain have worn off.

Great for Patients with Disabilities

A lot of our patients who opt for sedation dentistry in Orlando suffer from a disability that doesn’t allow them to sit still for extended periods of time whether due to pain or a mental disorder. Sedation dentistry has been proven to beneficial for patients who suffer from ADHD, ADD, Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain or mental impairments. Talk to our dentist today to find out if you or a loved one could benefit from sedation dentistry during the next appointment.

Helps Those with Sensitive Gums and Teeth

If you have severe, moderate or even mild discomfort in your gums and teeth, sedation dentistry can help relieve some of that pain during your visit. With sedation dentistry combined with Novocain, you can expect to not feel any pain during your procedures. This helps patients who are scared of experiencing pain get through their procedure with ease. Our dentist will also check in with you throughout the procedure to ensure you are never in pain. If you are, they will give you more sedation and Novocain as needed.

Interested in Sedation Dentistry?

If sedation dentistry sounds like the right solution for your next dental visit, get into contact with our sedation dentists in Orlando today. Call our office or fill out our online contact form and mention that you are interested in sedation dentistry for your next appointment and we will make sure everything is ready for you during your visit. If you want to have the more severe level of sedation with oral conscious sedation, you will need to pick up your prescription prior to your appointment. Contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have about sedation dentistry in Orlando.